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Retweetd From Harris Primary Academy Crystal Palace

Today the children in Stick Man Class were Zoo Keepers at . They researched the different animals that live there, choosing their favourite. Next, they wrote a fabulous fact about the animal they chose (Zebra,Meerkat,Lion and Flamingo) 🙌🥰🙌


Retweetd From Coram Life Education

Share your SCARF this February with daily activities to support at home and at school! Sign up now! 🧣🧣🧣


Year 6 have been writing journey poems. Take a look at some of their great work.


Year 2 have been learning about Georgia O’Keaffe and have been painting pictures inspired by her method of zooming into images. Take a look at some of their work! Amazing artists! 🎨


Retweetd From Oak National Academy

Only one week to go until we go live with our virtual assembly for ! 🤩 We're bringing the nation's children's together with and Kids next Monday at 9am. See you there! 🤝


Retweetd From Harris Primary Academy Crystal Palace

Today, Gruffalo Class home learners have been learning about different under the sea creatures and have created some amazing art using materials from around their houses. 🙌 Great work, well done!


Today, Gruffalo Class home learners have been learning about different under the sea creatures and have created some amazing art using materials from around their houses. 🙌 Great work, well done!


Today the children in Stick Man Class were Zoo Keepers at . They researched the different animals that live there, choosing their favourite. Next, they wrote a fabulous fact about the animal they chose (Zebra,Meerkat,Lion and Flamingo) 🙌🥰🙌


Your child has access to two amazing apps to help improve their mathematical skills. They are and Encourage your child to log in and play daily. Each week, the pupils and class with the most progress will be recognised in assembly.


🌈Well done everyone for another fantastic week of learning 🙌. Take some time to relax this weekend after a busy week and have a look at these calming children’s book recommendations from


We are so happy that we can still have our music lessons taught via Teams with Bromley Youth Music Trust. Year 1 today enjoyed having their lesson as well as some cosmic yoga.


There has been a lot of art going on this week! Across the school, we are learning about painting, looking at colour mixing and critiquing artist’s work. Have a look at some work from Year 2 and 5.


This half term year 2 are learning about the Great Fire of London. Today they have retelling the events using Purple Mash.


Year 3 have been studying Impressionism and Post-Impressionism. They looked at the way artists painted with short brush strokes to create movement in their picture. This week they recreated Vincent an Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’.


🌈Well-being Wednesday: Are you looking for something different to try with your children this week? Check out the CBeebies Radio for lots of great learning. Keep up the great work 🙌


This week we have welcomed back the Nursery children to school.They have been reading the story ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ and sequencing the story using props. Look at the wonderful bear paintings they have created 🙌#Nursery


Retweetd From Bromley Y

A virtual coffee and a catch up might be just what you need to help give you a lift!


Thank you again for all the support you are giving your children this week. You have been incredible.


Retweetd From Coram Life Education

It's Thinking of Others Thursday! Harold loves to think of his friends and family. See how he's creating smiles in his diary today! 🦒


Retweetd From Bromley Y

Using one finger to trace around your other hand is a great, simple way for kids to practice some . It gives them something visual to track as well as creating some tactile input!

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office















Academy Admissions

,Welcome to our Admissions information page. Please look at our news page for details of our open evenings for prospective Parents, Carers and Students. Our full policy, with details of our admissions criteria, can be downloaded from further down the page. A brief summary of the application procedure follows for Reception and in-year admissions.

Academy Admissions Contact Details

Contact: Christopher Woolridge
Telephone: 0208 778 4742
Address: Harris Primary Academy Crystal Palace, Malcolm Road, London, SE20 8RH

Reception Applications 2021 - 2022

The Academy has an admission number of 60 in Reception for September 2021-2022

Applications for places in Reception should be made on London Borough of Bromley’s Common Application Form, this is now managed online. Key information on primary school admissions can be found on the Local Authority’s website and an application can be made online via THIS LINK. Forms should be submitted in accordance with the LA’s published deadlines for applications (normally early to mid-January before the academic year in which the child is eligible for entry).

We will be holding 3 question and answer sessions, via zoom on the following dates;

Wednesday 11th November 13:30 - 14:15
Wednesday 18th November 13:30 - 14:15
Wednesday 25th November 13:30 - 14:15

To book on to one of these sessions please click here let us know which date you require, your name, email address and phone number. A maximum of 30 places will be allocated to each date and these will be offered on a first come basis.


Reception Key Dates 2021-2022       


1st September 2020 Local Authority Online Application Website Open

15th January 2021

Online closing date for Application Forms

16th April 2021

Local Authority informs Parents/Carers of allocated school

2nd May 2021

Acceptance of place deadline

15th May 2021

Deadline for appeals to be made in writing to the Academy

May - June 2021

Appeals to be heard

31st December 2021

Waiting Lists closed and replaced by casual admissions waiting lists, Parents/Carers will need to re-apply for an In-Year transfer through the local authority after the 1st January 2022, if still waiting.

In-Year Applications

All In-Year applications for our academy, including any applications from out of borough residents, must be made to the Bromley Local Authority on their In-Year Application Form.

You are welcome to leave your application with us to be forwarded to Bromley on your behalf.

Applying for Transfer to Secondary School

Online applications for secondary transfer are available from 1st September 2020. Visit the Bromley Council for more info on finding a secondary school place and making a school application.

Making an Application

Bromley Council process all school applications for LB Bromley residents.  You cannot apply directly to schools.

If you live outside LB Bromley, you must apply to your local council, even if you want to apply for a Bromley school. You can however include Bromley schools on your home local authority application.

Bromley residents should apply online at from 1st September 2020.

Online applications will only be processed when proof of address and parental responsibility have been received by the Admissions Team.  Please see application terms and conditions for further information.

If you are unable to make an online application, paper forms are available on request from the Admissions Team.  

You can view or download the moving on to secondary education leaflet and booklet  for  more information and advice.


Secondary School Key Dates  
31st October 2020 Closing Date for Applications to Secondary School for September 2020
2nd March 2021 Local Authority informs Parents/Carers of allocated school

Children with  Educational, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) 

If your child has an Educational, Health and Care Plan (statement of special educational needs), please do not complete an application form but contact the Special Educational Needs team on 020 8313 4739 for further advice.

For Parents/Carers who wish to Appeal

Parent(s) wishing to appeal against the Academy’s decision on admissions, for any year group, should complete an Appeal Form (see below) stating the reason for the appeal, based on the published Admissions Criteria.

If you wish to appeal you must contact Admissions at the Academy who will send you an appeals form to complete.

Completed forms should be sent to the Clerk to the Appeal Panel at:
Harris Primary Academy Crystal Palace, Malcolm Road, London, SE20 8RH

Completed appeal forms for Reception must be received by the Academy by the closing date listed in the Admission Appeals Timetable below.

The appeals will be heard, in private, by an Independent Appeal Panel. The Clerk to the Appeal Panel will make an appointment within a reasonable time, Appeals may be made in English or the Parents’/Carers’ first language.

  • Only one appeal per application is allowed
  • Appeals are conducted in person, and you may bring a friend

The Appeal Hearing

The Academy will arrange for an Independent Appeals Panel to consider the Academy's reasons for refusal and your reasons for wanting to attend the Academy.  

The Panel will consist of 3 people (2 will have education experience and one will be an independent person with no education experience).

The Panel will consider the case put forward by you and the Academy. They must consider the admission arrangements for the Academy and the reasons why you want to attend that particular school.  The Panel must exercise its discretion by balancing the weight of your argument (for wanting to attend) against the Academy’s reasons for refusal i.e. the prejudice that one more student would cause to the education of the students already offered and the Health and Safety of all the students already attending the Academy, also taking into account the Academy's published admission arrangements.  

The decision of the Independent Appeals Panel is binding on the admissions authority and the Parents.

Admission Appeals Timetable

September 2021 entry

Appeals resulting from applications which are turned down for admission in September 2019 will be heard according to the following timetable:

Allocation letters sent out Appeals lodged by Appeals will be heard in two stages between
18th April 2021 6th June 2021, 5pm  27th June 2021 - 8th July 2021

Dates are approximate until confimed by the borough.

Appeals lodged after these dates will be heard within 40 school days of the appeal deadline or 30 school days of being lodged, whichever is the later date.

Appellants will be sent notification of their appeal hearing at least 10 clear school days in advance of the hearing.

Appellants will be sent a copy of the school's case at least seven clear working days in advance of the hearing.

Additional Supporting Information

If an appellant wishes to submit further evidence, which was not included with their initial appeal, they should ensure this is received at least seven clear working days (not counting the day of postage or the hearing) in advance of your appeal.   

Only a short document, such as a doctor’s letter not previously available, will be accepted up to five clear working days prior to the hearing.  Any additional evidence or information received after this deadline will not be circulated and may not be considered at the hearing.

Nursery Admissions

Contact: Sharon Bowyer
Telephone: 0208 778 4742
Address: Harris Primary Academy Crystal Palace, Malcolm Road, London, SE20 8RH

At present, all three and four year olds are entitled to up to 15 hours of free childcare a week for up to 38 weeks a year, and this entitlement will continue. From September 2017, the government increased free childcare to 30 hours a week (for up to 38 weeks a year). This is part of the Childcare Act 2016. However, this increase will only be available to families who meet certain criteria. Criteria from September 2020 for three and four year olds

Eligibility for the additional free entitlement will include households where:

  • All parents (whether two-parent families or lone parents) are working and earning the equivalent of 16 hours a week at the National Minimum or Living Wage (includes income received from tax credits or Universal Credit) and/or:
  • One/both parent/s is away on leave (parental, maternal etc.)
  • One/both parent/s is on Statutory Sick Pay
  • Parents on zero-hours contracts will be eligible, as are those who are registered as self-employed
  • One parent is employed and the other parent has either: substantial caring responsibilities and/or disability; is a foster-carer with their own three- and four- year old children
  • Parents who are in training will not be eligible as they can receive other Government support
  • There is an income cap. If one parent's income exceeds £100K the household will not be eligible

For more information, please visit:

Admissions Procedure

Please contact the school office if you are interested, or download and complete the Nursery Application Form and return it to the school office. Visits to the Nursery are welcome, please contact the school office to make an appointment.

Nursery Places

We are able to offer a combination of full and part-time, up to 26 places per session.
15 hours eligibility = 3 hours per day, 5 days per week (8:30am -11:30am or 12:30pm -3:30pm)

For those parents not entitled to the additional 30 hours funded childcare, we can offer a paid full time place, at a cost of £100 per week, payable in advance. All full time places are subject to 5 days a week

Nursery Criteria:

  • Children looked after, or who have an allocated social worker who has provided written support of the application
  • Children who are recommend for a place at that school by the Disability or Locality TAC (Team around the Child)
  • Children with professionally supported educational, medical or social needs. When deciding whether a child has an educational, medical or social need, the Principal will consider the child’s needs or circumstances, and supporting evidence from other professionals
  • Children with a brother or sister currently attending our school, and who will still be at school when the child is admitted
  • Children who live nearest to the school on the basis of distance between the child’s home and the school, measured by a straight line