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Wow- what an amazing carnival and summer fair we had yesterday afternoon in the sunshine ☀️


Tomorrow is our carnival and summer fair day! We look forward to performing our dances and to parade across the field. Due to the planned hot weather, the children can come in to school wearing their carnival colours!


Wow- what a great Y6 leavers’ disco we had tonight to celebrate the successes of the year! Well done to our wonderful Y6s! We will miss you! 🎓


Y1 had a fantastic day visiting Kew Gardens yesterday! 🪻🌱


Year 6 performed a fantastic production of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ last night for their parents. We are so proud of our talented and dedicated Year 6s! Well done to you all! 👏🏼🧙‍♂️


Today we are celebrating England getting to the Euro final! We are wearing red and white and taking part in football tournaments! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿⚽️


Today is Rainbow day! The children can wear their favourite colour and bring in a donation for our summer fair!


The Reception children have enjoyed learning about Bessie Coleman. For this, they read her book and discussed what she did and why it was important. They then made their own passports to play in role as a pilot! 👩‍✈️


Nursery have been busy bird and butterfly spotting! They were looking for mini beasts. 🦋


In art, the Y1 children practiced their weaving skills, inspired by the artist Anni Albers. They considered the size of their paper and what they were weaving and produced some lovely woven patterns.


In science, the children used paper towels to make deciduous and ever green tree leaves.  They then soaked them up in water and observed which one took longer to dry. A great investigation! 🌿


Y6 have been learning about making batik patterns in the style of Bisa Butler 🎨🖌️


Y6 had a great session delivered by learning about Zip cards and safety on public transport- all part of their transition to secondary school!


Y6 have arrived at GoApe and are enjoying the treetop adventure! 🌳🧗


Our year 5 children performing with all Harris year 5 children at the Royal Opera House. What an unforgettable experience! 🎼


We are so impressed with some of the impressive writing about ‘The Giant Turnip’ this week in Reception! 👩‍🌾


Reception have been doing some fantastic writing, thinking about the world around them, and nature! And even a teddy bear’s picnic! 🌿🍁


After school club have been doing some exciting crafts and activities this week!


Y4 Manatee had a wonderful trip to Pizza Express this morning 🍕


In Geography, the children learnt about the world from a globe. The children practiced locating land, oceans, north and south pole. 🌍

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Our Ethos

Whatever a child’s background or starting point, we want to make sure that they finish Year 6 with the academic skills, social skills and knowledge necessary to succeed.  Every lesson at our school is creative and there is plenty of time for children to think, to play, to discover and wonder.

Each child is taught in the way that suits them best and we step in quickly if a change is needed.  For some children, this might involve one-to-one support if they are finding something difficult and for others it could mean stretching them more to keep them interested.  

Our Academy is relaxed and comfortable but pupils know that good behaviour is expected of them.  They are frequently praised and rewarded for trying their best and for being kind, hard-working and well-behaved.

We want the Academy to feel friendly and welcoming and we always make sure that every pupil has at least one friend.  Our children are taught to respect each other and their teachers.   

There is a zero tolerance approach to any type of bullying.


An Academic Head-Start

We are lucky to be located close to several of the Harris Secondary Academies, including the Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ Harris City Academy Crystal Palace.  This means that specialist teachers often come into our Primary Academy and, as they get older, children can be taken regularly to use facilities such as science laboratories.

As well as engaging them in the excitement of the subject at hand, these experiences help prepare children for a successful transition to Secondary School.


Children Treated as Individuals

We want children to retain their individuality and be treated and looked after in the right way for them.   

We welcome children of all abilities and want them to enjoy school and thrive.  For children with special needs, one of our first steps is to work with their parents and other specialists to create a plan for supporting them.  Our approach as a whole is reviewed with children’s classroom teachers, relevant specialists and parents every half term.


Every Lesson is Creative

The aim of our teachers is always to deliver lessons that children enjoy and feel motivated by. We believe that all lessons should be creative, not just arts subjects.

We want our children to learn to be confident readers, writers and mathematicians.  Our teachers make sure these areas as well as the rest of the National Curriculum are taught in ways that engage the natural sense of curiosity that children have.  

The result of this is that children become eager, confident pupils who understand the joy of learning and are well prepared for academic success.


High Standards in Every Classroom

With each week, term and year being so significant in a young child’s life, consistency is particularly important in their Primary education.  

As part of the Harris Federation, which has its own training school for teachers, our staff receive outstanding professional development to make sure that standards are consistently high in every classroom.