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A fantastic sports day! Every child took part in each of 7 events -that's 2,905 individual events! Very well supported by parents and PTA. Thank you all!


Year 2 have arrived at Hever Castle, ready for a guided tour.


Year 5 are on their way back. ETA is 3.30pm.


Zip wire and low ropes this morning.


Raft building has definitely been the highlight of the trip so far!


Survival skills was one of our activities this afternoon.


Raft building time in the sunshine ☀️


More photos of day 1..


A great first day at PGL for Year 5. Abseiling, archery and ambush all completed. This morning we will be ready building.


Abseiling time!


Year 5 have arrived at PGL safely. We are now eating lunch. Updates to follow


It's the Summer Fair tomorrow! We are looking forward to seeing as many of you there as can make it. 12pm -3pm 😀#HPACYP


We’re on the approach!!!


Do you know where we are?


All being well we should be back at HPACYP at 5:35pm.


Bromley traffic is not being very kind to us. ETA is now 5:30pm-6:00pm


Starting the final leg of our adventure home with our new driver (joke, obviously). Our ETA back at HPACYP is approx 5pm UPDATES TO FOLLOW


Going through the tunnel now. ETA TBC.


Having le petit pit stop! Filling our bellies and preparing for leg 2 of our adventure home

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RE, PSHE, Philosophy and SMSC

Philosophy for Children (P4C) is an integral part of our curriculum. We hope to inspire children to be eloquent speakers, where they are able to articulate their thoughts and opinions in a respectful manner. P4C encourages children to debate, justify, reason, question and conclude on a wide range of topics (usually with a PSHE focus). Many of the philosophy sessions begin with a stimulus linked to a topic from the Integrated Curriculum. Other times, the themes may arise from current affairs or assemblies.

The philosophy session usually starts with a stimulus (e.g. picture, audio clip, film clip, poem, song, artefact) that children are encouraged to think about. Themes are identified and questions are then centred around those themes. In a recent P4C session in Year 4, where the stimulus was a film clip from ‘James and the Giant Peach’, the themes of family and relationships were identified. Examples of questions that children asked were, “What makes a family?” and “Can your friends be your family?”

PSHE is heavily taught through P4C sessions, where issues around peer pressure, homelessness, the law, keeping safe, bullying, drugs, relationships and diversity are discussed. We also promote many of the British values through P4C. We discuss social structures around the world (and in history) and compare them to our democracy. In our topic of ‘I Have a Dream’, one of the questions children are encouraged to discuss is, “How do we safeguard liberty?” We also discuss British institutions and charities through our curriculum and what their contributions are (e.g. Crisis, Barnados, London Fire Brigade)

Most of our staff are SAPERE Level 1 Accredited in P4C.

Click here for our PSHE, Philosophy & SMSC overview


At Harris Primary Academy Crystal Palace our families, staff and pupils are linked with many parts of the world and faith groups. We aim to celebrate this diversity and offer a welcoming and inclusive environment for all our pupils. We believe that Religious Education (RE) provides an opportunity to celebrate and foster awareness of these differences at the academy and in the wider world. We are very grateful to our families who support their children’s learning of other faiths, as this is the way we can bring tolerance, respect and understanding to our future world.

Pupils learn about all aspects of religious education, which involves learning about different religions, beliefs, values and traditions while exploring their own.  As we live in England, we have a broadly Christian curriculum but do look at other faiths and religions alongside this, for example Islam and being a Muslim, Sikhism and Hinduism.

Religious education lessons are also supported by our weekly collective worship themes to celebrate a wide variety of religious festivals and celebrations. We have an annual assembly/collective worship schedule.

Click here for the Bromley Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education


I love philosophy! I can tell everyone about how I’m feeling and what my opinions are about the topic. We recently had a session where we discussed the abolition of slavery. I believe that everyone should be treated equally.” Year 6 student.

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