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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2:
Traction Man and Lila Class


This year, Miss Fowler is teaching in Traction Man class,
whilst Miss Cummins will teach Lila class.

This year we will be sticking with the same KS1 SATs, however in light of the new curriculum changes coming into force in 2016 there will be a greater emphasis on including spelling, punctuation and grammar into our curriculum.

End of Key Stage One SATs are at the start of the summer term. It is vital that you read with your child every day to support them as much as possible with their reading. They will receive a guided reading book (pitched at their specific level) and a free choice book every week.

Please ensure that your child has the correct HPACYP PE  kit in school. It is essential that you read with your child at home every day. Your child will be given a levelled reading book by the teacher and a free choice book each week. There is an amazing new library in Penge stocked with a fantastic range of children's books. Please do go and visit.

The children will be learning music all year with our specialist music teacher. They will have their weekly session on a Thursday afternoon.


The Key Stage 1 SATs happen at the end of the school year (usually in June). The best thing you can do at home to aid your child is to be reading every day and to ensure that your child is in school, and on time, everyday.


We are introducing an attendance trip for Year 2 this year. If your child is in school and on time every day in a half term, they will be rewarded with a trip after that half term.


Topics we cover in Year 2 are below.