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Posted on June 5th 2017


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We are very excited to announce that for the first time Harris Primary Academy Crystal Palace will be holding ‘S.T.E.M.’ week.  This is Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. During the week of 5th June, our pupils will experience activities around the STEM subjects that will aim to inspire the pupils to solve problems using their scientific, technological, engineering and mathematical skills. They will also be given opportunities to think about careers involving these fields of work.

Our pupils will be involved in a variety of projects that will require various different items of ‘junk’ such as:

  • yoghurt pots                                                     
  • cereal/shoe boxes
  • twigs/skewers                                                  
  • different shape and size boxes
  • pegs                                                             
  • bubble wrapping foil
  • plastic cups/bottles/ milk bottles                                
  • wire
  • kitchen roll tubes/ tubes
  • wool                                                
  • straws
  • scrap material                                                  
  • toothpicks                                                        
  • string
  • egg cartons                                                      
  • newspapers
  • tin foil                                                           
  • bottle caps

If your child could find and bring any of these materials to school, we will be very grateful; it will help the children to succeed in their learning. There will be a big plastic box in the playground shed, where you can leave the items.


Please see below for the challenge that each year group will be tackling:

Reception - Build a boat and the tallest tower.

Year 1 - Build the tallest tower.

Year 2 - Build a habitat for an animal.

Year 3 - Build a boat that can carry Mr Gumpy across the school pond.

Year 4 – Build a galimoto (African toy car)

Year 5 – Build a sail boat that will carry some weight and also across the pond

Year 6 – Build a bridge that will hold 100g weight

There will be a STEM exhibition in the School Hall from 2.15pm on Friday 9th June. This is a great opportunity for parents and carers to come and see what the children have been learning about during the week. We will have a selection of children on hand to explain the more technical elements, so don’t be afraid!

We also have a special challenge for our families to build a balloon car. We will hold a race for the fastest car at 3.30 pm on Friday. We will be giving prizes for the best design and the winners of the race!

Image result for balloon carImage result for balloon carImage result for balloon car

We hope that your child will enjoy the exciting learning opportunities we have on offer, and that you are able to join us for the exhibition to share in their learning.